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How will I implement systems in my business?

There are a number of starting points for developing systems. To successfully implement systems you need the following:

    Vision - Exactly how will people use systems in my business? Will we have a Procedures Manual? Laminated cards? What will we use? Without a clear vision, we'll end up being confused.
    Skills - Do I have the skill to set out and record how tasks are performed? Does someone else in my business have this skill? Without the skills, anxiety will creep in.
    Incentive - Do I understand how systems will help my business? How will they affect my bottom line? How will systems help me get out of the hands-on work so I can work on my business? Without a clear incentive, delays will stop me developing systems.
    Resources - Can we spare the time to develop systems? Do we have the money? Can we afford not to start on our systems? Without time, effort and money to devote to implementing systems, we'll be frustrated.
    Action Plan - Do I know where to start? Have I decided how much time we can spend on systems? Who will be involved with what processes? Without a plan, we should expect lots of false starts while we decide what to do next.

So, how will I implement systems? Be clear on your Vision, Skills, Incentive, Resources and Action Plan. Call Brain in a Box for help on this.


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