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What should I expect to see after I have put systems into my business?

After successfully implementing systems in your business, you should expect to see some or all of the following:

    Improved consistency in the way your team members complete their work tasks.
    Reduced errors as people complete their work the best way you know.
    Less stress as your team comes to rely on the system and follows it.
    Reduced waste through better use of resources and preventing errors before they occur.
    Improved productivity through doing things the right way each time.
    Reduced confusion through people knowing exactly what they're expected to do.
    A positive team attitude coming from shared involvement in developing the systems.
    Annual holidays and shorter hours for you, the business owner.
    Less reliance on 'key people' to get the job done, with knowledge being captured and shared via the system.
    More confidence in your team, as they build their competence in their task performance.
    More effective training, since you can use your system to train new team members.
    Greater flexibility in staffing, as the system helps you share knowledge and competence.


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