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Improve Your Business Systems with Brain in a Box

Document your policies, processes and procedures using Brain in a Box. Use the pack to capture and refine each step in every policy, process and procedure. Your Business Systems will be clearly stated and easily understood by everyone in the company who needs to use them. The companies Operations Manual will be complete and up to date.

The Brain in a Box pack includes:

  • Brain in a Box Designer (software)
  • DVD training (20 Modules) - Step by step audio and visual guide. How to implement the system into your business.
  • Access to the Foundations Webinar Series (plus downloadable notes)
  • Six months Active Support
  • Comprehensive Systems Guide (our system for building systems) 
  • How to Cards
  • Quickstart Cards

The Advantage of Better Business Systems

The policies, processes and procedures that are unique to your business are clearly defined. Each chart flows through the process in an easy to read format. This enables every member of the team to correctly complete the job they have been given.

Use Brain in a Box to develop an Operations Manual for your company. The pack provides the methodology, 20 modules of training (included DVD), How To and Quickstart cards which make it easy to begin your Operations Manual. You will also receive free customer support for the first 180 days and can access the free webinars which will take you through using Brain in a Box to write your business systems.

Systematise the routine, humanise the exception

Mike Basch
Founder of Federal Express