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  Cost of Inefficiency Calculator   From the items listed below, select those that you know cost your business money. In the two columns over on the right, enter your estimate in hours or direct cost, based on a typical week. Enter the Hours or Cost for a typical week  
Hrs $Cost
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What is one hour of my time worth?
The value of your time is more than just your 'charge out rate' or your hourly wage or salary. The true value of your time comprises your wage or salary plus your employment costs plus the profit you generate.

As a rule of thumb, we suggest that you use $100 as your hourly rate.

Just one word of caution: while you may choose to dismiss the total amount calculated as unrealistically high, it does reflect your input. So if your estimates were correct, then the total must be correct.
You may need to adjust your hourly rate if other people contribute to the inefficiencies you've selected.
Note: For convenience, we worked on 50 weeks for the year.
Total per week
Total per Year
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In discussions with our clients and prospects we have uncovered many ways that business can be inefficient. This simple calculator lists a very small selection of them, and of course it's quite possible that the inefficiency that you know exists in your business is not represented in our sample.

Regardless of the actual inefficiencies listed, however, the calculator clearly shows that what we might casually think of as the odd hour wasted here and there, or a few dollars missed occasionally, can add up to a very significant amount of money. This money is NOT a 'cost of doing business' - it is profit being stripped from your business.
- Invest in new equipment
- Take a 'real' holiday
- Pay off the mortgage or business loan faster
- Develop of a new product or service offering

It could be a lot of things, and the choice is YOURS.
Call Brain in a Box today to discuss how you could increase your profit through a significant reduction in your Cost of Inefficiency. After all, we guarantee it.
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