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"Previously we had systems in our head! Not on paper where they should be. Hopefully those days are gone! Working with brain in a Box, we have mapped out our business and are beginning to systemise each process. I can’t wait until we are finished. We are positive that our new systems will lead to bigger & better business for us."

Kristie Pate
Kingswood Smash Repairs

“There is so much stuff that no-one else knows about the business. Finally, someone’s helped us get all this out of my head and into a format that everyone else in the company will use.”

Andrew Evans & Andrea Wade
Polymer Innovations

"Training and delegation of tasks is much more efficient and manageable. It’s freed up time and given us some strategic tools for future growth."

Jonathan McKeown
StatusFlow Plumbing

“...the previous owner, Neil, had little in terms of processes and procedures documented as he simply operated from his vast industry experience. .. Somewhat daunted, I wondered how I would ever get this information out of Neil’s head and documented in time – a huge task. I contacted brain in a box... over time, John Tonkin met with Neil and I, and we began to put together a mindmap of the business. After three sessions we had the core processes clearly documented and after four weeks in the business I still refer to them regularly. John’s technical expertise was invaluable as he captured detailed information about the business...”

Matt Davidson – (new) Managing Director,
Mezzanine Floor Solutions, Windsor

“I had a pretty good handle on everything I needed to know to run the business profitably. We had no trouble getting jobs, and, with a stable and experienced crew there was no obvious need to change the way we worked. Now here I am looking at getting out of the business, wanting to sell it. Thinking about what we’ve been through with Brain in a Box, putting the business down on paper, I can see that I would have sold the business a lot quicker and would almost certainly have got more out of the sale if we’d had this already done. With all my procedures and supplier information in place, the sale would have attracted more interest. I can see that I should have done this long ago.”

Neil Seabrook – (outgoing) Managing Director,
Mezzanine Floor Solutions, Windsor