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Training and delegation of tasks is much more efficient and manageable. It’s freed up time and given us some strategic tools for future growth.

Jonathan McKeown
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Use Your Business Systems to Manage and Communicate Effectively

Signs that your team don’t know the policies, processes and procedures involved in your business include having to re-do tasks, costly or unnecessary mistakes, inconsistent customer service and a high level of frustration.

Effective business systems make a real impact on profitability and productivity. Brain in a Box has the tools to guide you in setting up your business systems.

Capture knowledge and real – world experience, turn this into easy to follow, visual documents and use them every day with your team, clients and suppliers. By writing a complete Operations Manual for your business you will see such results as consistency, accountability, higher productivity and profitability – we guarantee it! Oh, you will also reduce your frustration level, giving you a better work-life balance.

Join hundreds of business owners already reaping the benefits, and take the first steps to better systems. Download your free book, 10 Steps to Better Systems, now by filling out the form on the top right.

Systems make it possible for us to free our brains while we
perform habitual tasks

Dr Paddi Lund
Leading business author

Need our help? Brain in a Box provides training, systems implementation and consulting services to make sure that you get the support you need.

So how do you begin to systemise your business? Using Brain in a Box, you will have both the tools and the know-how to create your business systems – the process and procedure that your team will rely on each day. By mapping processes you will be able to visually identify where you can improve your processes, and by involving the team in this process you will build accountability through ownership.

With your business processes mapped, you can write the procedure, capturing the detail that will lead to consistency and reliability – no matter who performs the process. With the process and procedure clearly defined, you can identify the props you’ll need – the checklists, forms, standard letter templates, stickers, stamps, tally sheets and so on. With a strong policy to back up the process and procedure, you will then be ready to launch your systems. After that, watch the change in your team as they work with confidence and certainty.

More importantly perhaps is the change you should see in your customer relations. With your business systems ironing out the hiccups, your customers will enjoy a more positive experience.

These improvements will show in your bottom line, too, with less waste, fewer returns and strong cost controls. Better systems for purchasing, receiving and managing stock. Better systems for managing the sales process. Better systems for your business.

Systems - ... happen to be something that will make your
business run smoothly, efficiently and profitably.

Bradley J. Sugars
founder Action Coach